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"Automating your existing security policies and procedures"

Desktop Alerts

Notifications are received on your PC or Mac when an event is triggered. Each alert lets you know the nature of the event, whom initiated it, the location it was reported from, and any pertinent details that are available.

E-Mail/SMS Notifications

Notifications are also sent via email and SMS through your SMTP mail server. All the information that appears on the desktop is populated into the message and sent to the associated recipients.

Integrate Systems

Use Vigilance Software to trigger other existing building systems. With the click of a button on the computer screen you can lock down a building, initiate a silent alarm or initiate visual or audio notifications appliances around your building.


Educational facilities have been identified as the second-largest location of active shooter events. Over two thirds of these incidents take place in school grades K through 12. There are many challenges facing our schools today including limited resources, increased rate of violence, and increased access to weapons.  The impact of an incident at a school affects the entire community; students, parents, teachers, staff members, government officials and emergency responders.  For this reason, communities must be well-prepared to mitigate casualties by quickly and effectively notifying authorities and coworkers of a potentially disastrous situation.


Workplace violence is a recognized hazard in the healthcare industry. Acts or threats of physical violence, harassment, intimidation, or other threatening disruptive behavior occurs regularly, and often go unreported. It can affect and involve workers, clients, customers and visitors. Requesting assistance at the earliest sign of trauma or risk may be the difference in saving someone from injury or fatality.


Workplace violence is a serious occupational hazard especially in areas of commerce open to pedestrian traffic, a fact that has escaped an unsuspecting public. Many organizations are scrambling to draft procedures and educate employees on how to handle such events. These programs involve reducing the risk, reporting the threat, and responding appropriately. When it comes to life safety seconds matter, alerting those around you of potential harm can reduce the amount of people that fall victim to being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Every second matters.

  • “The mission of Vigilance Software LLC is to provide an individual with a means of reporting potential threats to neighboring parties and first responders. To leverage and control existing security, life safety, and communication systems to reduce the impact of such a threat through systems integration.”-Jason Roberts
  • “We are far from the heroes like the firefighters and police officers that put their lives on the line every day, but our systems may prevent a violent crime from occurring and all of us at Vigilance Software, sleep better knowing we are doing our little part to make this a safer world.”-Brad Norris