Frequently Asked Questions.


  • What Operating Systems does the client run on?

    Currently the Vigilance Client runs on Windows and Mac computers.  We have tested the clients on windows XP, 7, 8 and 8.1 as well as Mac OS X.
  • Can the Client use active directory credentials to login?

    Yes, the client can use Active Directory to login, so users do not need to remember another credential to use  the software.  The client can also be configured to auto login using the username currently logged into windows.​
  • Can the client load specific buttons based on the location being signed into?

    Yes, the client uses the "areas" configured on the server to determine what buttons should be presented to the client based on the user logging in and the current location.  With the client open you can change your locations and the buttons will update automatically to the new location.
  • Can the Client be run on a terminal server?

    Yes, the client can be installed on a terminal server and be made available to all clients using the server.  The client uses websockets and each client session uses a random port which allows clients to be connected the same IP address.​​


  • Can Vigilance use existing physical panic buttons?

    Yes, Vigilance can connect to any existing hardwired or wireless panic buttons using a network based I/O board.  We can read any dry contact input, normally opened or normally closed.  The board we use is powered using POE so the only wiring needed is to have a network cable near the contact you want to bring into the system and the Vigilance server will be able to communicate over the existing network to the input board.

    Our network I/O boards also have hardwired outputs allowing the system we are watching to be controlled from the same board installed to read the inputs.

  • Does Vigilance require an annual fee for the software

    No, the software is a one time purchase installed on the customers network with no ongoing required costs to operate.  There is  a 15% annual maintenance in order to maintain support and updates, but this is not required to use the software.​​​
  • Is the traffic between the clients and server encrypted?

    Yes, all traffice between the clients and server is encrypted.​​​
  • How is the system licensed?

    Licensing is based on two main factors, the number of sites and clients.  In addition to sites and clients there are additional licenses to enable I/O devices if needed.  Future licensing will include that ability to activate other features like SIP or specific system API integrations.​​​


  • Can the Server be installed in a Virtual Environment?

    Yes, the Vigilance server can be installed in virtual environments.  Most customers are using a HyperV hypervisor, but the server also works well in VMware.​​
  • Can the server use an existing SQL Server installation?

    Yes, although the installation automatically installs a free version of SQL Server 2014 express, the software is configurable to point to an existing SQL server installation if required.​​
  • Can the server use a port other than 8080 for the Web Interface?

    Yes, by default the server installs a web console on port 8080, but this port is configurable in IIS on the server if for some reason port 8080 is not available.​​​
  • Can I import users from Active Directory

    Yes, there is a utility available through the web interface to import  users from active directory.​​​
  • What ports need to be open to the Server

    The server requires up to three ports to communicate with the client and other devices.  Port 8080 is used to communicate with the web interface for configuring the system, and also for the clients to download button images.  Port 6729 is used for primary communications to the server from the clients.  And port 6730 is used for I/O boards to communicate any input status to the server.  All three ports are customizable and the ports can be changed to meet a specific environment if needed.​​​