Who we are and what we do

About Vigilance Software

Vigilance Software LLC is a software development company specializing in Emergency Notification Systems and Software. Our unique approach of pairing a Software Development Team, with Electronic Security Professionals has been a recipe for success. Our common goal is to provide the most comprehensive Emergency Notification System on the market, delivered at a cost effective price point. We heavily rely on the feature requests submitted by our growing customer base, adopting many of the requests into our roadmap.

How we were started

Like most companies we identified a problem. The security industry relies on proprietary architecture and equipment with limited integration between systems and manufacturers. Even the systems that are capable of integration are often purchased separately without any thought of an overall security plan. Most systems are purchased through a proposal process often awarded to the lowest bidder, usually engineering out such capabilities. Little to no focus is placed on making these systems accessible to their users and providing a unified control panel for anyone to report a threat condition. This process is never in the best interest of the end-user, as they are rarely delivered a system that they can effectively use.

Our Solution

After witnessing this story play out time and time again, we set out on a venture committed to offering a solution. Vigilance Software is a client – server application that can complete the security offerings of any establishment. Not only can the software distribute desktop alerts and email notifications, it can be easily integrated to your existing access control, intrusion, video surveillance, and communication systems. Leveraging these systems allows you to take control of your facility, providing the security you're originally expected.