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21 Jul

Revision 2.0

Cascading Notification Cards
Notification cards (appearing on your pc or mac) now cascade on the screen allowing you to view multiple events as they happen rather than having to close them out to view another event.  The notification cards also can be moved around the desktop to your desired location instead of being fixed to the location they populate.
Client History     
Your client now displays a brief history of the latest events.  This is especially beneficial if you are to start the client just after an event occurred.  Upon connection it will announce the event letting you know how long ago it took place.
Silent Alerts
Alert Types can now be configured to act as a silent alarm.  This is helpful in duress situations when you don’t want to receive a notification or confirmation receipt on the screen of the desktop it was reported from.
Further Customization
E-mails and notification cards can now be suppressed on individual user accounts.  This is as simple as clicking a box in the client configuration utility on the web server.
Hardwired Inputs
For those of you that still want or have a physical panic button installed, we can now wire those devices into our system.  An alert group can be configured for these inputs just like a typical client.
Active Directory
You can now use Active Directory User Import and Active Directory LDAP Authentication, making setup easier and more efficient. 
Notification Board
You can now display our new web-based notification board on smart TVs or any TV using Chromecast. This allows you to see real-time updates and alerts that are being triggered by Vigilance. 
We are currently developing an API with integrate with S2 Access Control systems. This will allow Vigilance to integrate with the system without any additional hardware or installation.