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5 Feb

Active Shooter - School Lockdown


Don't Panic! There's a Button for That...
Does your school have a fully developed plan in place in the event of an active shooter? Vigilance Software is an emergency notification system and integration engine that can be used for anything from quickly signaling a Medical Alert, to indicating that someone might be illegally smoking in a public restroom. One of the most common alert types installed is in preparation for an Active Shooter event.  Below, you will find an outlined example of how Vigilance Software can be configured to mitigate casualties and effectively notify key personnel during a catastrophic incident. 
Why Vigilance Software?
Educational facilities have been identified as the second-largest location of active shooter events, with over two-thirds of these incidents taking place in schools for grades K-12. Given the limited resources that schools face today, having a system in place to quickly react is key to saving lives.

Active Shooter Example:
The diagram on the right outlines the types of configurable notifications that Vigilance Software can send out instantaneously, while simultaneously taking control over existing security, life safety, and communication technologies, increasing the speed in which authorities are notified and control over the situation is established.
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Be Prepared:
Throughout the school year, it is common for schools to perform lock down drills so that students become accustomed to a passive response in the face danger.  Drills can be scary and some may feel threatened, but if you properly explain the importance of these drills, and execute them on a routine basis, you will be better prepared for this type of tragedy.