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11 Feb

Revision 3.0 is Here!!

We are excited to announce the launch of Vigilance Software Rev 3.0, and are proud to say that our latest upgrade is packed with great new features requested by our growing customer base. Keep reading to find a list of key release features, and a look at our expanded system architecture.
Rev 3.0 Release Features: 
  • IP-Based Phone System Integration
  • Radio Over IP Integration Relay Kit
  • Emergency Notification Display
  • Programmable Client Groups
  • Common Alerting Protocol (CAP)
  • Text to Speech Engine
  • Basic Muster Reporting
  • RAVE Integration 
Expanded System Architecture
System Software:  Vigilance Software was designed to automate your existing emergency procedures and allow you to manage all of your notifications and physical security processes with just the click of a button.  Every aspect of your existing policies can be fully setup and customized within our systems integration software. Also, by supporting Active Directory integration, we eliminate the need for you to manage separate databases and enable a single point sign on.
System Inputs:  Alerts can be initiated manually by clicking a desktop icon. Administrators have the ability to select from over 50 graphics when designing their icon tray, but we can create custom icons for specific needs.  Additionally, Vigilance Software can be initiated by other systems, including, but not limited to, access control, security, fire, energy management, and equipment monitoring systems or devices.
System Outputs:  Once an alert is initiated, the software cues the information for processing. Alerts are then processed allowing desktop, email, text, CAP messages, phone, and radio transmissions to be distributed to predefined recipients for a specific event type.  At the same time, existing life safety, security, and communication technologies can be triggered.  Common examples of triggers include building lockdown, door holder release, siren and strobe activation, and digital dialer connections.