What Separates Vigilance Software from other offerings?
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7 Jul

What Separates Vigilance Software from other offerings?

"What separates Vigilance Software from other offerings"

"We automate your event specific security procedures. Not only does our software send out notifications through various media types, we also leverage and control existing access control, security, life safety, and communication technologies. Making Vigilance Software a total solution"

Let's take a closer look at some of the other advantages Vigilance Software has to offer over previous methods.


Why Choose Vigilance Over Traditional "Panic Button" Solutions?

Hard-wired panic systems are labor intensive and costly to install. Even wireless systems require a significant investment as locators, receivers, and repeaters are expensive.

Vigilance utilizes your existing computers and network infrastructure significantly reducing costs, while providing a far superior solution.

Traditional hardwired and wireless panic systems report a single event per device. Recipients don't know what type of assistance is required.

Vigilance software provides the ability to report several event types allowing users to report a variety of conditions based on their needs.  

Traditional systems usually report to a single annunciator, requiring that station to be monitored at all times.

Vigilance allows you to define and notify local distribution groups through a variety of communication methods including desktop notifications, email alerts, text messaging, overhead paging, radio transmission, and more...

Wireless panic systems report a predetermined location that can only be changed by the installer. If the device is activated outside this area the actual location is not reported.

Vigilance is configured with a default location for the device and allows users to update the location if they are working away from their desk.
Why Choose Vigilance Over Other Software Solutions?

Several software programs require internet access leaving you at risk during an outage.  Your subscription is canceled if you don’t have the means to renew it each year. 

Vigilance operates on your local area network as it is client-server based. The software continues to run year after year, with you in control.

Other programs only offer an instant messenger type service with restricted customization.

Vigilance software can be customized allowing the system to be tailored to meet your needs, and allows integration to other systems such as security, access control panels, and communication equipment.

Other software programs have limited to no supervision, and are not able to report system failures.

Vigilance is supervised providing notification when the health of the system is not optimal.

Other programs provide a single icon notifying someone that you need help.

Vigilance software provides configurable icons allowing you to react to various conditions meeting your individual needs. In some situations, such as a hold up, you may not want coworkers rushing to your aid.