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26 Jul

Active Shooter Preparedness

Is Your Facility Prepared for the Next Emergency?

Vigilance Software is an emergency notification system, and integration engine, that can help mitigate loss and effectively notify key personnel during a catastrophic incident. One of the most common alert types that  our software is provisioned for is in preparation of an Active Shooter situation. 

Why Vigilance Software?
Specializing in the development of advanced emergency notification systems and software, Vigilance Software provides the most comprehensive and cost effective emergency notification solution on the market. Vigilance Software was designed to automate your emergency procedures and allow you to process all of your notifications, as well as physical security processes, with the simple click of a button from any computer’s desktop. Every aspect of your existing policies can be fully customized and setup through our systems integration software.

Active Shooter Example:
The diagram on the right outlines the types of configurable notifications that Vigilance Software can send out, while simultaneously taking control over existing access control, security, life safety, and communication technologies, increasing the speed in which authorities are notified and control over the situation is established.

Be Prepared:
Throughout the year, it is common for schools and businesses to perform lock down drills so that students and employees become accustomed to a passive response in the face danger.  Drills can be scary and some may feel threatened, but if you properly explain the importance of these drills, and execute them on a routine basis, you will be better prepared for this type of tragedy.

Common Non-Emergency Applications
  • Building Systems Monitoring
  • Equipment Monitoring
  • General Assistance
  • Traffic Advisory
  • Weather Alert
  • IT Help Desk

    Common Emergency Applications
  • Bomb Threat
  • Under Duress
  • Active Shooter
  • Intrusion Alarm
  • Medical Response
  • Fire Alarm Notification