What you need to know about ENS and MNS Offerings...
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26 Sep

What you need to know about ENS and MNS Offerings...

Is your organization reviewing Emergency Notification Solutions?  
Before you start exploring options, you should have a basic understanding of the various types of products and services that exist. The following is a brief history of the arena, and some definitions of common terminology you will need to be familiar with. Please let us know if you have any questions, or if we can be of assistance.

In-Building Mass Notification Systems:
The term Mass Notification first appeared and became popular through the marketing efforts of fire alarm manufacturers. It was originally thought that Fire Alarm System would operate as the base platform of these types of solutions. It made sense at the time, as they already reported life safety conditions through the release of audio visual devices and digital communicators. Because of their proprietary nature, and how long it takes for the Fire Alarm industry to adopt changes in technology, many people have ruled this method out as an efficient platform. These types of manual systems are commonly referred to as In-Building Mass Notification Solutions.

Mass Notification System:
Most recently, this term has been defined as a platform to deliver a message to a small or large group of people. Traditionally these systems offer one-way message delivery via email, and text messaging. With a short list of features to meet this criteria, the market has become flooded with companies representing their product as an MNS solution.

Emergency Notification System:
Similar to the above, this term references a method of facilitating the one-way dissemination or broadcast of messages to one or many groups of people, alerting them to a pending or existing emergency. Another popular reference to this type of solution is Threat Alert Software.

Systems Integration:
In information technology, systems integration is the process of linking together different computing systems and software applications physically or functionally, to act as a coordinated whole. This middleware application is also commonly referred to as an Interface Engine.

Vigilance Emergency Notification & Systems Integration Engine™
Our solution combines the benefits of all of these offerings into one easy to use application. Vigilance Software is a software program that completes the security offerings of any establishment. Not only does our software send out notifications through various media formats, it can leverage and control your facilities new and existing access control, security, life safety, and communication technologies. Our software literally automates your workplace violence policies and procedures at the click, or press of a button.