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24 Jul

Strategic Business Partner with Linortek

South Portland, Maine. January 2, 2015 – Vigilance Software LLC and Linortek Technologies Inc., today announced that they have forged a strategic partnership, allowing Linotek's Fargo and Koda series Ethernet I/O Devices to be used with the Vigilance Emergency Notification Software (ENS).  This addition to the Vigilance line will give customers the ability to integrate existing access control, security, and communication technologies into thier ENS platform. 
"While we are working on several Application Program Interfaces (API) with best of breed systems, the relationship with Linortek allows for us to map inputs and outputs from other systems," said Jason Roberts, CEO Vigilance Software LLC.  "Not only can we send out notifications of a security concern through various communication methods, we can now lockdown a facility by clicking the same desktop icon, and this is just one of many applications."