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24 Jul

Strategic Business Partner with Vocality

South Portland, Maine. – June 24, 2015 - Vigilance Software LLC and Vocality Inc.  today announced that they have forged a strategic partnership, allowing  Vocality’s Basics Radio Relay to be used on the Vigilance Emergency Software (ENS).  This gateway connects push-to-talk radios into SIP based VoIP services soon to be offered by Vigilance.  This relationship will give end-users the ability to distribute audible messages to faculty and first responders over a handheld radio.  Development of this integration is currently underway.  “In the event of an emergency seconds matter, notifying appropriate responders as soon as possible is paramount, the immediate transmission of an alert can save several minutes compared to traditional alarm communication methods significantly reducing the impact of these types of situations.” said Jason Roberts, CEO Vigilance Software LLC. “Hopefully we never experience such a crisis.”

Paul Moskowitz, Senior Vice President for Vocality said "We are excited about partnering with Vigilance Software.  Their emegency notification software in combination with Vocality's BASICS Relay extends communications to first responders.  Vigilance customers will benefit from better situational awareness and faster response times."