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ommunications Alerts

Vigilance Software gives clients the ability to easily distribute audio messages to a variety of communication devices. Systems can be configured with prerecorded messages that are specific to each alert type, or using a text-to-speech application. When text to speech is enabled, all of the details pertaining to the event can be transmitted as part of an audio message. Vigilance is Session Initiated Protocol (SIP) compliant, allowing integration with both new and existing communications infrastructure, such as, existing phones, overhead paging systems, giant voice systems, and radios, with the addition of a radio gateway.

VOIP (Voice over IP)

Voice over IP (VoIP) is used in the delivery of voice information over a network by registering a SIP-compliant endpoint on the existing communications infrastructure. Since Vigilance Software is SIP compliant, it is able to reside as an extension off any IP-based PBX, hosted either on or off site. VoIP integration allows voice communications to be transmitted to building phones as well as any other device that is also connected to the communications infrastructure, including, but not limited to, overhead paging systems, off-site telephone destinations and specific paging groups.

ROIP (Radio over IP)

Radio over Internet Protocol (RoIP), is similar to VoIP, but augments two-way radio communications rather than telephone calls. This standard extends the use of SIP to allow direct communication from Vigilance Software to wireless radios. RoIP can be used locally on campus radios or extended to support existing municipal radio networks including, but not limited to, facilities, security, medical, and fire personnel.

Giant Voice

Vigilance Software offers integration to many outdoor speaker and siren, or giant voice, systems. When challenged to quickly warn faculty, students, and/or visitors of potential threats, outdoor speaker arrays are one of the most effective methods of campus notification. Speaker towers provide a means to issue a warning tone, followed by a clear, powerful voice message. Additionally, most campuses are able to be covered by one or two strategically located towers, keeping costs minimal.