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The foundation of Vigilance Software, as any Emergency Notification System (ENS), is the ability to send mass notifications using a core system of alerts, which include, desktop, email and SMS. At its most basic use, the Vigilance system is designed to immediately notify predefined lists of individuals when a group alert is activated. Since core alerts are event specific, they provide individuals with information pertaining directly to the alert and actionable messages to respond to. Vigilance strives to create robust solutions that are flexible and reliable in the event of a crisis, which is why we have removed many of the pain-points that commonly decrease the effectiveness of other emergency notification systems when administering core alerts.

Desktop Message Alerts

Vigilance Software is able to initiate desktop alerts using a software client. The client enables alerts to be initiated and received directly on users’ computer desktops. When the alert button is pressed, a pre-configured group of alerts are processed by the server to automate and engage defined safety and security policies. The desktop alert will display a message on the desktop of any computer, PC or Mac, that is running the client and configured to receive the type of event alert being distributed. Desktop alerts can be customized for each user including the size of the alert’s notification card, and whether or not the sender should receive their own alert. While this may seem unnecessary, the ability to customize these types of options is critical during situations of duress as they can prevent an assailant from knowing that they have been reported.

E-mail Alerts

Vigilance Software notifies clients via email when alerts are activated using Simple Mail Transport Protocol (SMTP). Email alerts can be distributed through either clients’ existing mail servers or hosted infrastructure. By utilizing existing servers and mail infrastructure, Vigilance Software is not dependent on outside services in order to process email alerts and can still function during a crisis situation. Should a client use a third party hosted mail solution, the Vigilance SMTP connector will still provide the ability to send out email.

SMS Text Messages

With the explosion of smart phone use, people want the ability to receive emergency notifications via text. Vigilance Software supports two types of text messaging alert services. For smaller applications, carrier-based text messaging can be used to distribute messages through a client’s mail server. This method is easiest to implement when the majority of intended recipients use the same phone carrier. For larger and more powerful applications, or clients with a bring your own device policy, we offer the services of Twillio, a global leader in SMS solutions, to make notification via text message even easier.