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A significant shortcoming of most threat alert software packages that are currently on the market is that they are designed as communication-only programs, typically limited to email and text messaging. Vigilance Software was created not only with more advanced communication features, but also to easily integrate with complex proprietary physical security platforms. This enables clients to send critical information and control existing security measures simultaneously within a single program. Our software is frequently integrated with clients’ existing access control and intrusion systems. This integration allows bidirectional commands to be sent between systems so that programmed notification and counter procedures can be automatically implemented.

Access Control

Integrating Vigilance Software with your access control system can automate the process of locking down a facility, or even an entire campus, the moment a threat is reported. Most leading access control systems allow output from another system, like Vigilance, to modify threat levels and trigger events, such as locking all doors considered unsecure. In critical situations, when seconds matter, having to log in to a separate program to manually schedule a lockdown could have dire consequences.


Integration with existing intrusion or alarm systems is another valuable physical security measure offered by Vigilance Software. Once integrated, Vigilance can be configured to trigger conventional hard wired, or addressable zone systems, leveraging existing off-site or to central monitoring station reporting. Another physical security application is Vigilance Software’s ability to integrate with both new, and existing, physical panic buttons. Once an alert from the physical buttons is received by Vigilance Software the programmed automated responses are triggered, even without the use of a computer.